My First Blog Post! Yay!!

OMG! I really wish you could see my face so you would know just how excited I am. I never thought I would be writing a blog and sharing with you about a brand that I truly love……APPLE! Rewind back to 2009-2010, I used to be a Blackberry Fanatic but Blackberry was not keeping up with the latest technology. I had spent the holidays with my cousins and they were using the HTC Evo. When I saw their phones, I was impressed with the advances in technology and decided that my next upgrade would be an Android. I bought myself an Evo and overall, I liked the phone but I was annoyed with the low battery life and having to carry extra batteries around when I knew I wasn’t going to be near a wall plug.

When I relocated to the DMV (Washington, D.C.) area, I started eyeing the iPhone 4S. Once a date was announced for purchase, I knew I had to get my hands on one. After purchasing a MacBook Pro in the spring, I felt that the iPhone 4S would be a welcome addition to my growing Apple family. Once I had it in my hands, the Apple effect took over and since 2011, I have owned every single iPhone that has been released. I try to talk myself out of upgrading every year but once the Apple keynote comes on, I get excited and I have to have the latest and greatest in my hands.

So why start a blog today? Well……I am the go to person among my Apple friends when it comes to the latest and greatest technology. Not only do I understand what’s new, I’m pretty good at fixing iPhones and helping my friends understand the software when there are issues. I could go on and on about iPhone on my social media platforms but I didn’t want to bore everyone with super long posts. You can’t get creative, post several pictures, or be descriptive about Apple products online. I decided to create a place to share my love for Apple, entertain my friends, and keep them informed on the latest and greatest in the Apple World!

So, if you’re reading this, I’m glad that you are joining me on my journey! I want to send a special shout out to my sister, Talia, who for months have told me that I need to start a blog. I can be stubborn at times but she seems to be able to stay in my ear. I appreciate you. To my minis who shake their heads at me when I am searching high and low for products and accessories to go with my Apple products. And of course to all my Apple friends who laugh at me when I make long posts for every keynote but read every comment, the ones that always ask me what’s up with the latest and greatest before they go and make a purchase, and the ones that don’t know what they’re doing with their iPhones and iPads but love them just the same.

Grab a snack, drink, and get ready to read my next post! I will be reviewing the iPhone 7 Plus!

~The Apple Chic~

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